Accounting Program

12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch (6th floor lounge, Buckhead Center)
1:00pm – 1:15pm Opening Remarks (room 610, Buckhead Center)
1:15pm – 2:45pm Accounting Session 1 – Analysts
Room 601, Buckhead Center
Chair: Matt DeAngelis (Georgia State University)
Skin in the Game: The Inputs and Incentives that Shape Buy-Side Analysts’ Stock Recommendations Lawrence Brown (Temple University), Andrew Call (Arizona State University), Michael Clement (University of Texas), Nathan Sharp (Texas A&M University)
Discussant: Youfei Xiao (Stanford University)
From K Street to Wall Street: Politically Connected Analysts and Stock Recommendations Dane Christensen (Pennsylvania State University), Michael Mikhail (University of Illinois at Chicago), Beverly Walther (Northwestern University), Laura Wellman (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Discussant: Brady Twedt (Indiana University)
The Accuracy and Information Content of Analyst Dividend Forecasts: International Evidence Pawel Bilinski (Cass Business School, City University London)
Discussant: Benjamin Whipple (University of Georgia)
2:45pm – 3:05pm Refreshments Break (6th floor lounge, Buckhead Center)
3:05pm – 4:35pm Accounting Session 2 – Earnings Usefulness
Room 601, Buckhead Center
Chair: Sean Cao (Georgia State University)
Why Do Aggregate Earnings Shocks Predict Future Inflation Shocks? Lakshmanan Shivakumar (London Business School), Oktay Urcan (University of Illinois)
Discussant: Bharat Sarath (Rutgers University)
Accrual Quality: Reversals and Cash Conversion Matthew Bloomfield (University of Chicago), Joseph Gerakos (University of Chicago), Andrei Kovrijnykh (Arizona State University),
Discussant: Ilia Dichev (Emory University)
The Dynamics of Financial Reporting: Evidence From IPOs Frank Moers (Maastricht University), Erik Peek (Rotterdam School of Management), Patrick Vorst (Maastricht University)
Discussant:Marcus Kirk (University of Florida)
5:00pm – 6:00pm Executive Committee Meeting (Buckhead Club)
6:00pm – 7:00pm Reception (Buckhead Club)
7:00pm onwards Dinner (Buckhead Club)
Keynote Speech by Franklin Allen (Imperial College London)

8:00am – 8:30am Breakfast (6th floor lounge, Buckhead Center)
8:30 am – 10:00am Accounting Session 3 – Earnings Management and Financial Statement Irregularities
Room 601, Buckhead Center
Chair: Carlo D’Augusta (Georgia State University)
Financial Statement Irregularities: Evidence from the Distributional Properties of Financial Statement Numbers Dan Amiram (Columbia Business School), Zahn Bozanic (The Ohio State University), Ethan Rouen (Columbia Business School)
Discussant: Joseph Gerakos (University of Chicago)
Debt Covenants, Expected Default Costs and the Implicit Costs of Financial Reporting Manipulation Aytekin Ertan (London Business School), Stephen Karolyi (Carnegie Mellon University)
Discussant: Reining Petacchi (MIT)
Health-Insurer Bargaining Power and Firms' Incentives to Manage Earnings Francesco Bova (University of Toronto), Yiwei Dou (New York University), Ole-Kristian Hope (University of Toronto)
Discussant: Eric Floyd (Rice University)
10:00am – 10:20am Refreshments Break (6th floor lounge, Buckhead Center)
10:20am – 11:50am Accounting Session 4 – Disclosures
Room 601, Buckhead Center
Chair: Laura Swenson (Georgia State University)
Active CDS Trading and Managers' Voluntary Disclosure Jae Kim (Singapore Management University), Pervin Shroff (University of Minnesota), Dushyantkumar Vyas (Department of Management – UTM & Rotman School of Management), Regina Wittenberg-Moerman (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Shailendra Pandit (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Come on Over: Analyst/Investor Days as a Disclosure Medium Marcus Kirk (University of Florida), Stanimir Markov (Southern Methodist University)
Discussant: Ole-Kristian Hope (University of Toronto)
The Effect of Voluntary Clawback Adoption on Non-GAAP Reporting Hangsoo Kyung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Hakyin Lee (Hofstra University), Carol Marquardt (Baruch College, City University of New York)
Discussant: Rachna Prakash (University of Mississippi)
11:50am – 12:50pm Lunch (6th floor lounge, Buckhead Center)
12:50pm – 2:20pm: Accounting Session 5 – Regulation and Insider Trading
Room 601, Buckhead Center
Chair: Quinn Swanquist (Georgia State University)
Asymmetric Information Consolidation and Price Discovery: Inferring Bad News from Insider Sales Irene Karamanou (University of Cyprus), Grace Pownall (Emory University), Rachna Prakash (University of Mississippi)
Discussant: Ganapathi (Gans) Narayanamoorthy (Tulane University)
Economic Consequences of Public Pension Accounting Rules James Naughton (Northwestern University), Reining Petacchi (MIT), Joseph Weber (MIT)
Discussant: Laura Wellman (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Increases in Accounting Regulation: Is 'More' Actually 'Less'? Joost Impink (University of Florida), Mari Paananen (University of Exeter), Annelies Renders (Maastricht University)
Discussant: Xiaohua Fang (Georgia State University)
2:20pm – 2:40pm Refreshments Break (6th floor lounge, Buckhead Center)
2:40pm – 4:10pm Accounting Session 6 – Corporate Governance and Management Forecasts
Room 601, Buckhead Center
Chair: Doug Stevens (Georgia State University)
CEO Visibility: Are Media Stars Born or Made? Elizabeth Blankespoor (Stanford University), Ed deHaan (Stanford University)
Discussant: Li Zhang (Rutgers University)
Stock Option Compensation Incentives and R&D Investment Returns Bruce Billings (Florida State University), Robbie Moon (Georgia State University), Rick Morton (Florida State University), Dana Wallace (University of Central Florida)
Discussant: John Campbell (University of Georgia)
On Guidance and Volatility Mary Brooke Billings (New York University), Robert Jennings (Indiana University), Baruch Lev (New York University)
Discussant: Danqi Hu (University of Toronto)